Cold Fusion experiment .

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This thoery isnt a science fictiion .. its a science fact .. a fact that kiddos .. people in the oil industry DO NOT want you to know about .. simply because theres HUGE buckos in atomic energy ... fossl fuels ... coal .. ect .. ya get the picture kids .. with the planet being over 70% water .. their monopoly on energy would be .. BUSTED .. thats correct we wouldnt need people like .. big oil or Uranium and plutonium" No atomic waste dumps & never again would there be a "Fukishima incident or a chernobyl" and the megacorps DONT want that ..we wouldnt need the saudi's and Alquida anymore ... hows that for payback for 911 eh ? also can you think of a cleaner fuel than water ? UM I sure cant .. also its NOT combustible like .. er .. natural gas or gasoline ? UM DUH .. -.- Sounds good to me .And DONT let them lie to you .. this techs been around since the 1970's .. I know cause unlike many of you .. I was there .. how many who worked on this system simply dissapeared ... its not suprising that the megacorps will do anything to keep this Genie in the bottle .. well too bad for THEM ... heh


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