Hydrotron Cold Fusion Device

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Note: The audio for this video is in Italian. This is a video of a second-generation cold fusion device designed by Engineer and teacher Ugo Abundo and his students at the Pirelli Industrial High School in Rome, Italy. The prototype, the Athanor, has been improved and modified for improved function and performance. This new version is called the Hydrotron. The goal of Mr. Abundo is to have this device replicated and its results confirmed by people throughout the world. Plans and instructions for replication will be provided in the coming weeks. Below is a translated e-mail he sent to the Italian web site of Daniel Passerini, 22Passi, providing additional background on the Hydrotron. "Today we assembled and turned on for the first time "Hydrotron", the post school heir of Athanor, faithfully replicating its predecessors' inspiring principles, but reinterpreting them towards a simplification of both design and operation in order to make measurements easier, main purpose around which it's been built. It will therefore become easier for us to validate the principles on which the Anathor design was based on, over which there are ongoing "efforts" toward difficult measurements according to the common protocol [we've agreed to, as you know]. As soon as we'll have some free time we'll send Daniele (who will be able to publish it if he will find it interesting) a photo comparison between Athanor and Hydrotron, and the "live" file of today's first ignition. The new reactor kept ...


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