LENR Testing at NASA Langley

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Original source: www.youtube.com Senior NASA scientist Dr. Joseph Zawodny discusses the work being done at NASA Langley Research Center regarding low-energy nuclear reactions. Scientists there have developed a unique technique for testing a theory, the Widom-Larsen Theory, that they believe explains the anomalous heat and other aspects of experimental results in this field carried out over the last 23 years. This technology is also known as cold fusion, although many, including NASA and the authors of this theory, do not believe that fusion is occurring and object to the term, preferring LENR or low-energy nuclear reactions. Other researchers in the field, including Prof. Peter Hagelstein of MIT, do believe fusion is occurring. See below for links to a recent lecture by him and a video of a small cold fusion device being demonstrated in his office at MIT. For further details of the work being carried out at NASA Langley, see the article linked to below by NASA chief scientist Dennis Bushnell, which gives a background of this technology and its future potential.. Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the Realism and the Outlook by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA Langley Research Center futureinnovation.larc.nasa.gov Recent videos of Peter Hagelstein of MIT The Atom Unexplored: Hagelstein Part 1 www.youtube.com The Atom Unexplored: Hagelstein Part 2 www.youtube.com The Atom Unexplored: Hagelstein Part 3 www.youtube.com Cold Fusion device at MIT www.youtube.com In addition to ...


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