ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Stefano Anselmi

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short film by Stefano Anselmi, with Isabella Ragonese. ENGLISH SUBTITLES Italy, 8' 30'', 2008, 35mm, Kodak with Isabella Ragonese, Mariella Valentini Written by: Stefano Anselmi Director of photography: Daniele Baldacci Film Editor: Shara Spinella Music by: Mauro Buttafava Producer: Francesco Paolo Montini Production Movie Factory srl Lungoteve Flaminio 80 -- ROMA 0039.063232937 - ISTITUTO LUCE Synopsis : As each Sunday, Alice goes to Giulia, her mother, who lives in a psychiatric clinic: we will discover that Giulia is not her mother and we will discover that Alice is not a visitor in the clinic. Alice is a short film that starts by a simply though: today, which is the difference by sicks and healthies? Moreover, sicks people -- in this case mad people -- are really the ones present in mental hospitals? Alice relates as a so-called mad woman invents a real life each Sunday in order to reassure woman who lives with her in the same room.She plays the real life of clinic's visitors; the right and real one. We look at healthly's world from a sick mad woman face that at the end it will be not so deformed. Her stare is a cosmic light of profound sensibility. The mad are like the advance guard of human sensibility. If the best of the sane play on the knifes edge, the mad are no loger capable of setting the scene for the daily pantomime. They don't know how to run behind nothing. They don't know how to work for work, study for study. They don't know how ...


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