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A history made of people The Anzio landing LXIV anniversario dello Sbarco di Anzio 22 gennaio 1944-2008 immagini Archivio Istituto Luce musica Ennio Morricone (Marco Polo) editing Elpidiomansueto (GBR2008) ---------- Operation Shingle Anzio Beachhead January 22, 1944 - June 5, 1944 Anzio and Nettuno (Italy) Operation successful; VI Corps established beachhead; Battle of Anzio followed Combatants: United States United Kingdom Germany Commanders: Harold Alexander Mark W. Clark John P. Lucas Lucian Truscott - Albert Kesselring Eberhard von Mackensen Strength: 36000 soldiers and 2300 vehicles End May:150000 soldiers and 1500 guns - 20000 soldiers End May: 135000 soldiers Casualties & losses: Up to May 22: 29200 combat casualties 4400 killed, 18000 wounded, 6800 prisoners or missing - Up to May 22: 27500 5500 killed, 17500 wounded, 4500 prisoners or missing


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