Italy hurts Sardinia (Nine Inch Nails cover)

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Sa Die de sa Sardigna 27-28 aprile 2011 a Thiesi, partecipa all'evento, info: The colonial italian politic makes hurt to our a mafia sow who feeds her little pigs already fats, forgeting the other smaller..that for this political selection don't eat. The Savoia's kings bought our island from Spain-as you can buy a dog-for treating us as livestock for milking our dignity and creating uneasy life. NO THANKS. pictures and movies from istituto lyrics I hurt myself today--oggi mi son ferito da solo to see if I still feel-per vedere se ero ancora in grado di sentire I focus on the pain--mi son concentrato sul dolore the only thing that's real--la sola cosa reale the needle tears a hole-le lacrime aguzze..un vuoto, the old familiar sting--il vecchio rimorso familiare try to kill it all away--cerca di cancellare ogni cosa but I remember everything--ma ricordo tutto what have I become?--cosa sono diventato? my sweetest friend--il mio più caro amico everyone I know--tutti quelli che conosco goes away in the end--sono andati via alla fine and you could have it all--e tu potresti avere tutto my empire of dirt--il mio impero di fango I will let you down--ti abbandonerò I will make you hurt--ti farò star male I wear this crown of thorns--ho portato questa corona di spine upon my liar's chair--sulla mia sedia da bugiardo full of broken thoughts--pieno di pensieri spezzati I cannot repair--che non posso riparare beneath the stains of time--sotto le ...


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