Leonardo da Vinci The genius Leonardo da Vinci, a famous painter, scientist, and architect, was born in Italy in 1452. Father Ciori recognized his genius for painting and sent Leonardo to his paternal grandfather Antonio,who was the lord of Vinci Castle. So his father Piero took Leonardo to Florence to have him learn painting with Verrocchio, a famous painter. Verrocchio marveled at Leonardo's ability. One day Verrocchio said Leonardo, "Will you please complete the Baptism of Christ instead of me?" Leonardo painted the background pictures hard in harmony with the pictures paintied already by his teacher Verrocchio. After studying under Verrocchio for a long time, Leonardo became independent of his teacher and set up his own workroom at the age of 25. He became a famous painter and painted a lot of pictures. Around that time, Leonardo decided to leave Florence because his science ability wasn't recognized despite his well-informed knowledge about it. "All right. I'll go to Milan Duke Sforza lives." Leonardo sent Duke Sforza a letter. And Duke Sforza welcomed him. Leonardo also completed the 'Virgin of the Rocks' in which he applied the rules of perspective and shading conspicuously. He painted a famous fresco, 'The Last Supper' at that time. Leonardo had some well-informed knowledge about anatomy. He took Salaino to a grave in order to dissect a dead body. "All right, I'll go to my hometown." He returned to Florence and worked as a military advisor. He designed an airplane ...


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