What are the hidden secrets of "Mona Lisa", the most famous painting in the world? What did Leonardo Da Vinci entrust in his masterpiece? With incomparable insight, HAKU Zynkyoku clarifies numerous mysteries, which have not been solved in over 500 years! Topics include: ・Mona Lisa was not a portrait of a single person. ・The female character in "The Last Supper" is Mary of Magdalena. ・The wretched conditions of Christianity hidden in "The Last Supper" ・The Secrets of Virgin Mary ・The Catholic Church killed Christianity ・The Annunciation reveals the true identity of Mary of Magdalene. ・What is the identity of John the Baptist? ・ What prophecies of Da Vinci are hidden in the portrait of "St. John the Baptist" and more. [Recorded on June 9th 2007] *This Video is divided into 4 parts: [1/4] www.youtube.com [2/4] www.youtube.com [3/4] www.youtube.com [4/4] www.youtube.com


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