Special delivery (20g) - Double assassinate from a parachute... Special delivery (20g) - Double assassinate from a parachute glide Going Up(5g) - Kill a guard with the weight dropped from a lift Easy come, Easy go (5g) - Offer 500f to an Oretor and then steal it back Airstrike(20g) - Kill 10 or more enemies with a single arrow strike (redo the Sequence 6 - Gatekeeper mission for easy achievement unlock) Strong-arm(10g) - kill enemies with a smoke bomb, long weapon (spear), and Heavy weapon from 10m (use bearded axe and steal a spear) Clowning Around(30g) - beat up (NOT KILL) 5 thirsty [drunken] harlequins hidden by a water source Grand Theft Dressage(20g) - Steal 5 enemy horses REMAINING ON HORSEBACK (use the south western part of the map to your advantage, kill from horse to horse 5 times [IT WILL NOT COUNT IF YOU GET OFF THE HORSE BEFORE BECOMING ANONYMOUS])


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