The Copenhagen fraud Copenhagen, December 7 to 18, the summit on climate. The summit was attended by the powerful, even the bullies of the world, to continue to recite the ignoble farce of global warming caused by carbon dioxide. The liars, supported in their statements and actions from "environmentalists" collusive or naive, say that we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions, if we want to save the planet from climate disruption. As always, the carbon dioxide gas, which causes a very slight "grenhouse effect" and which is essential for life, was been demonized, while real sources of pollution are not even mentioned. Which are the real causes of environmental disasters and the increase of diseases? Electromagnetic waves, benzene in fuels (carcinogen), the poisons spread by chemtrails (barium, aluminum, lithium, radioactive thorium and so on), depleted uranium, nanoparticles of incinerators, pesticides used in agriculture, fluoride in toothpaste ... Pseudo-scientists and policy puppets prate about global warming, but, for example, do not ever mention sulfur dioxide, chemical compound widely smuggled through the aircraft s (military and civilian) and setting a "greenhouse effect" dozens of times higher than that of carbon dioxide. What is the farce of Copenhagen for? Certainly not to save the Earth and its inhabitants from climatic disasters, but to introduce new taxes to strangle the citizens (see the forthcoming Carbon Tax). Let's be serious: Obama and the other puppets of ...


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