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Experience the genius of Leonardo da Vinci through forty machines based on his visionary designs. Each machine has been faithfully constructed from Leonardo's notebooks by a modern team of scientists and craftsmen in the heart of the Renaissance, Florence, Italy. Explore the range of mechanical principles Leonardo employed. See the mind of the ultimate Renaissance man at work through his notes and drawings. Compare Leonardo's designs with today's innovations. Flying machines, machine gun, parachute, automated printing press, armored tank, robot--and much more.

Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as a painter, sculptor, musician, architect, engineer and anatomist. Most enduring to his legacy are his inventions and designs. The uniquness of Machines in Motion lies in the fact that many of the mechanisms are life-sized and fully operational and combine a fascinating hands-on experience with an exploration of the principles da Vinci employed to create each machine.

The machines are grouped into four sections based upon applications linked to the elements--air, water, land and fire--which held a strong fascination for Leonardo da Vinci. Exhibits include such visionary inventions as the helicopter and glider, the armored tank, the drive transmission, the printing press and the bicycle. Most of the materials used in the construction of these machines were available in Leonardo da Vinci's era, and are the ones proposed by him in his codices, including wood, rope and glue. The materials were crafted by hand (using tools prescribed by the master himself), and then reinforced for the traveling exhibition.

Machines in Motion offers a fun, interactive experience for families and adults alike!


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