The Man Behind the Shroud?
There is a very credible theory that Leonardo created the Shroud of Turin by a photographic technique. Could it be his face?

Radio carbon dating of the fabric of the shroud places it a while before Leonardo's birth so clearly in is a medieval fake as were many relicks. Leonardo wasn't stupid; if he were to try to fake it he would have used old cloth so the dating is consistent.

The Mona Lisa certainly looks like Leonardo. Whether the face on the shroud is him - who knows? It seems to have some similarities. There is a statue of Leonardo I saw which looks rather spookily like the shroud.

Who knows? We probaly never will but given the photographic qualities of the shroud and the fact that Leonardo was using camera obscura and showed interest in photosenstive chemicals while the transformed shroud resurfaced in a village near Leonardo's workshop at a time when he was at his height, it make's you think...

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Love put me wise to her love in disguise
She had the body of a Venus
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