This is a remake of my first video with more paintings. This short video supports the claims that 'Mona Lisa' was a real living person whose identity was obscured in history. She was a princess of high rank in the Sforza-Visconti Dynasty and the preferred model of the Virgin Mary, at the DaVinci Academy and with some of his contemporaries, She was painted according to the Renaissance customs and traditions for royalty and people of high importance to "lend" their faces to saints and Diety. She appears in numerous Renaissance paintings, of which this video contains only a small representation of.

I am a grassroots supporter of Ms. Vogt-Luerssen's, studies, observations, theories and conclusions of perhaps the greatest love story of the Renaissance, though very bittersweet. ----

To learn more of her identity and the genius that changed her life see:

Find out why she could not have been Lisa Giocondo, the silk merchant's wife.

and the NEW Facebook page!!!/thetruemonalisa with great information, paintings and updates!!

Find out why her identity was obscured, and see what is happening to expose the truth!
See the visual record left behind of the pairing of Leonardo daVinci and Isabella of Aragon, Duchess of Milan and Bari in Renaissance art by DaVinci's good friends Bernardino Luini, Raphael, D'Oggiono, Giampietrino, and others.

As you view this video, can you not see that this is indeed the same person who is the model in these paintings? Please consider age progression.

Warning! Only watch this video or see the facebook page IF you are willing to be jarred in your own knowledge and opinions about "Mona Lisa" and Leonardo DaVinci and his "silent years".



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