WWF Lonely Salmon Animation

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This is a brand new baby salmon.

What’s wrong little salmon, um smolt? Oh, I see. You want to go find your friends out in the ocean. My, that’s a long way to go.

Luckily, it’s spring so all the snow has melted into the river and the flow of water is there to help you.

In fact the flow of the river is there to help everyone in this little salmon’s community:

the wee mussels that help clean the water,

the big old sturgeon who has been living here forever,

the trees that grow on the shore,

the happy ‘canoer’ canoeing,

and his town where people like to drink water,

have electricity,

and grow food.

The river’s flow helps everybody.

But when someone blocks up the river, or takes too much water out of it…the river’s flow changes and….

Nobody is happy.

WWF is working with canoers, water-drinkers, food-growers, electricity users, and salmon lovers across Canada to keep our rivers flowing for people and for nature.

Join us!


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