Our leaders make campaign promises never kept. The problem goes beyond the parties and politicians, it's the system.
All our politicians are in the pocket of a few elite who own, lobby, litigate, bully and bribe their way into every element of our lives. From what banks have done to the people of the US, to Monsanto's destruction and making us ill with no labeling required, to the big oil companies with private profits and public liability. 20 years of litigation was the answer to First Nations dieing downstream from the tar-sands. Average earner salary has dropped while the 1% has made 300% profits in the last 10 years. Our public servants serve these Corps. with bias data, subsidies and bias media.
It's profit for very few, to the huge detriment of every aspects of all our lives. After 9 "secret meetings", presently our Harper Gov. wants to sell our water, energy, education, health, food, public services etc... with "CETA". Our current
monetary systems are broken with virtual bank money being paid back with real money and real interest by real people. Over 1500 cities worldwide are in "Occupation" to bring to light these issues and demand better of the
"system" and "leaders".
From what I gather. ;^)

David Suzuki speaks at Occupy Vancouver with Details to substantiate the atrocities subjected by the 99% by the 1%.

The description won't allow for all the links to support documents, so I added them to the end of this video as well as my blog: http://kim-hunter.blogspot.com/

Equality, Justice, Peace


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