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A compilation of images from a short trip in Augsburg Germany.

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My son and I spent a few days at a clinic specialized in Lyme Disease treatment in Germany. Little did I anticipate that we would have such a relaxing time in Augsburg, surrounding country side and Munich. I was surprised to see how advanced the country appeared to be in their development of renewable energy. Electric cars, cycling for everyone, beautiful cycling tracks (the worse place to cycle in the Uk must be Edinburgh!, we are living in a dark age by comparison), trams, solar panels on most houses including farms, recycling etc. I tried to interview a few people, to understand why it seemed to be so much more engrained than in the UK or France, but I ran out of time. One person (young adult) thought perhaps this had to do with WWII, an attempt to repair. I have to research some more, but I feel positive to know that greater efforts can be achieved by nations and industries. I thought people looked fit, young and dynamic, and I felt enthused by the constant mixture of nature and urbanism, and at times very inspiring architecture.

Also my son responded very well to the treatment (to be continued), which is of course a great source of happiness.

I have tried to transcribe this experience in this short compilation.


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