The Whale

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"Jonathan and Peter Burton's short film "The Whale" is a harrowing and effective piece that really hits home what Sea Shepherd is fighting to make sure never becomes a reality, the extinction of the great whales. It's great to see a young filmmaker with a conscience and realisation of just how import ant whales are to the health of our oceans." -

Jeff Hansen – Australian Director, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

At the beginning of 2010 Peter and Jonathan Burton decided to produce two environmental short films with one simple goal: to get them seen by as many people as possible.

The first of the two films, “The Whale” was written and produced for the organization Sea Shepherd. Short and to the point, we hope the piece is an emotionally engaging and highly effective short film with a strong message.

The end of the film invites the viewer to reflect on this message and take steps to ensure that this never becomes a reality.


Herb is a research scientist at a futuristic museum housing extinct species. The museum’s collection is largely made up of dinosaurs but when Frank shows Herb the museum's latest exhibit he is met with a sad and sudden realization.

Directed and Written by Jonathan Burton
Produced by Peter Burton and Jonathan Burton


Herb – Curt Skinner
Frank – Nick Barry


First AD: Andrew Gaul
Boom Op: Matt McKay
Music, Foley & ADR: Matt Koszolko
Final Mix: Mischa Herman
Continuity: Dale Trott
Make-Up: Elysha Pacey
Production Assistants: Michelle Doyle and Janet Burton
Cinematography: Jonathan Burton and Alex Joseski
Camera Assistant: Tim Morton

Special Thanks to The Melbourne Museum, Museum Victoria and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.


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