Ghost Nets of Southern California

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This was a trip done on 3-1-11 to help Ocean Defenders Alliance remove nets from the old marineland pier platform. It is an ongoing project and this only highlights one day that four of us from the Los Angeles Underwater Explorers club joined Kurt Lieber to help out the planet.

Recently a fishing net from a nearby trawler caught on the platform, dragging it 100 yds before the net was cut. This discarded net remnant, supported on 3 sides by the pier, created a perfect underwater trap for marine wildlife. Rapid identification and removal of the hazard minimized its long term disruptive effect on the marine ecosystem. While we saved most, a few like the ensnared cormorant filmed, were not so fortunate.

With the helpful donation of supplies by Halcyon and Eezycut we have been able to make a huge difference.

Additional thanks to kurt for getting some of the topside shots and his assistance on the decks of Clear Water.

This film was honored in the 2011 Long Beach Scuba Show film exhibition.

For more info, check out Kurt's site at


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