Rescue Our Rivers

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We have seen huge changes in rainfall and water supply over the past decade. As our climate dries, competition for water continues to increase, and our rivers get lower and lower. Some have even stopped flowing. But rivers with enough water are the key to water security.

Healthy, flowing rivers will mean we can still expect clean water to come out of the taps in our homes. And rivers with enough water to sustain themselves equal prosperous regional communities. So what is our state government doing to help deliver a future where water supplies are safe and rivers are healthy?

They’ve been building expensive desalination plants and pipelines. Promising water for our rivers that they never deliver. And fighting to maintain an irrigation system and old ways of doing business, in drought-affected areas that need a new vision for their economic future. But they’re missing the point: ensuring our rivers have enough water in them to sustain themselves is the fastest and most economical way to securing a safe water future.

We’re doing our bit. We’re taking shorter showers. We’re installing tanks and water efficient appliances. We’re bucketing recycled water on to our gardens. We’re meeting their Target 155.

It’s time for our government to do theirs.

We’ve got a plan to Rescue Our Rivers. It’s not yet too late. But this dual election year, our rivers really, really need to get a drink.

Read our plan to Rescue Our Rivers here:


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