Earth Hour

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An Animated Earth Hour Message

With all this online publishing technology available from Facebook to email, viral seems the best way to go, so Masters & Savant Worldwide, TBWAHuntLascaris and B&S Studios created a simple tongue in cheek viral ad showing how easy it is to help the environment.

So what lengths do people go to? Chain yourself to a tree, climb a smoke stack, or perhaps stand in the path of a harpoon? These could be pretty impractical, when all you need do to do your bit for the environment would be to turn off your lights for 60 minutes.

A simple way to save the world; so we chose a simple hand drawn design to both make the message fun, but also add to the slightly dark humour. This style also makes the story telling really simple and effective as it's about substance over design. Also, well, the dark humour would probably be sent on...and on...and on.


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