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The Guardian:

The Guardian follows a young environmental ambassador with a tangible enthusiasm for birds, conservation and education. Tribute “Birdie” Mboweni lives in solitude on Dassen Island in order to protect and study the largest colony of African Penguins in Africa. Her work is vital to the survival of this species which could be facing extinction within only 10 years and her story, is one of inspiration as she seeks to “plant the seed” of conservation in others. As one of the finalists of the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy, her role as a conservation ambassador has recently been realized with a trip to Canada to represent SA at the G8/G20 Youth Summit May 2010.
The documentary explores Tribute’s unique role on the island as well as, her own personal journey of discovery and guardianship. Tribute guides the audience through her experiences as a conservationist, illuminating with her quiet passion what it takes to truly connect with nature and the importance of preserving the beauty of this world.
Today only 25262 breeding pairs of the African Penguin remain.
The Guardian is produced by African Renaissance Productions as part of the Caretakers series for STEPS and SANBI.


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