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On 5th June 2009 EBWT (Electric Bicycle World Tour) started pedaling from the Beijing Olympic stadium with the objective to reach London by 2012.

The project aim is to raise environmental awareness, promoting alternative means of transport with less negative impact on the planet and alternative source of energies, like solar.

Any night the sun can rise!

The project started as a solo adventure, but after the first pass through Vietnam, Guim Valls Teruel, the soul and cyclist of the project, falls in love with a Hanoian TV journalist, Thuy Anh Nguyen, who interviewed him for VTV6, Vietnam National Television. Guim kept cycling and cross Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia, before going back a year later to marry her and ask her to be part of the project.

Electric bicycles are just bicycles where a motor has been attached to assist in the pedaling. The fact that they are a very well known and used everywhere, makes them very interesting as a new means of transport for shorter or longer distances.

One of the most amazing things that EBWT has discovered, is what Guim calls “Electric smile”, represented as :e)

An electric smile is the natural reaction that occurs within a person who rides an electric bicycle.

It is a reaction that occurs at the deepest level of the main and that it gets represented with a sincere smile, as one turns to feel like superman when the power kicks in.

It makes one’s life easier, without cutting out other possibilities like exercising while pedaling, or carrying heavy loads.



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