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My short-film renders consequential, sequential resumption of my poetry- written on the uncertain nature of planet earth due to global warming. The film has been made with a mobilephone that added a spontaneous texture & hue, like an impressionist type of canvas.The entire poetry story narration may seem like a softbox,lightbox, but in the end one finds out that its indoors, its a window. A visual metaphor for SAFE, Protection; where the protagonists return in the story. Change in perspective is conveyed by portraying love, understanding towards animals in agony. The interference of man in nature has serious consequences & the consequences faced by nature also has great impact on human beings which is the immediate need of the generation. Wildlife filming can be hard, we used real life rescued strays as actors, hope Ive done justice to this sensitive subject.The film takes its source of inspiration from a old saying of apaches on the LAWS of mother nature.And demonstrated the same with entirely live demonstration of narration and live reaction in that 1hr,almost like an impetus to a impulse reaction. Captured real life rescued strays behaviour & body language entirely to speak simple.To covey what makes the circle of life,universe complete.


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