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Directed by Olivier Chatard

A visually striking story told through the power of images and music alone, Awareness is a short film which stirs the emotions, altering the viewers perception of the role water plays in our everyday life. With distilled black and white imagery, we see that water is the essence of life and one of the resources we waste the most.
Awareness is the story of a man and woman in their daily routine that mirrors the one most
of us partake in every day. In each act of their actions, water is intertwined, showing us the role it plays in our lives, and the role we play in its conservation.
By Means of water, we give life to everything. Water is Life...

Could we feel more powerless over our environment? Could we really make a difference?
Do we intuitively connect our daily actions to something bigger? Are we really running out of fresh water? Is it all too late?


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