Water Is Life

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Water is life. Water is life. Water is the cradle of our life. Water is the Mother of all life. My hands are kissed by the rain. My lips are wet with the mighty spring. My body is embraced by the wonderful sea. My thirst is quenched, I am happy and free. Water is life. Water is the helping might. Water is the powerful guide into tomorrow's, tomorrow's earthly paradise.
Children, be happy! Children, be free! Children, be thankful for every day you can live! Dive into the ocean! Yes, swim in the sea and jump yeah, jump into the river! Drink the water, feel at ease! Water for the city. Water for the land. Water for the future: It is our planet's life, do you understand?

Water, yes, water is our friend.

– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

More songs and videos: www.MichelMontecrossa.com


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