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I was sitting on my first floor front porch today staring at the abundance of garbage surrounding me on the street. A small burst of film energy raced through my brain and I quickly grabbed my camera to capture what I needed, and then threw away my temporary celebrity.

The idea came out of an overwhelming feeling of loss when I look around my neighborhood and community. My response is something I feel should be strongly broadcasted to our fellow peoples.
The message is simple and harmless and promotes respect. Something people have lost. I see garbage flying around the streets, and am constantly picking it up as I walk out of the water on the beach. You start to wonder what people are truly thinking and what people are being taught. If there is no discipline then there is no consequences. We are brainwashed into thinking that this method of operation is one we can live with. It is sad, but that is why I promote this message.

If there are any comments, or suggestions as far as subject matter, or even a response video please feel free to create and spread this message because if we dont pick up at least ONE piece of trash a day, then what are we really doing? It is safe to say that we ALL step over at least one piece of trash a day.

(then wash your hands)


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