Meet Amy Thompson, the head cheesemonger at Lucy’s Whey, a small, charming little cheese shop tucked into New York City’s Chelsea Market and on North Main Street in East Hampton, Long Island. Lucy’s Whey is pretty focused when it comes to cheese. At their counters, you won’t find cheese that crosses the continents with obscure names from far-away places; instead, you’ll find a special, curated selection of cheeses made from our own homeland: America.

Amy and owner, Lucy Kazickas, stock their cheese cases with only local American cheese, cheese they believe in, cheese they want their customers to appreciate as much as they do a good Italian Piave or a French Camembert. To them, local, artisan and farmstead cheeses can be as satisfying and as unique in flavor as any imported cheese – if curated correctly, of course. And, the curation of cheese, well, let’s just call it their specialty.

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