www.QuibidsTips.com - my new website full of tips http - for any one who wants to use me as a referral! I get 25 free bids if you do thanks for the support! How to win on Quibids.com! Tips Trick Strategies and Scams No mater what penny auction site you like the bidfellow software is the best. This how to tutorial penny auction software video will explain everything you need to start winning your next auction You can download the software for free at www.bidfellow.com I use this software on a daily bases usually on Quibids.com as its one of my favorite penny auction website. I have a video series called how to win on quibids (Real Tips) and a lot of the tips and tricks I go over in that video series translates over to several other penny auction so if your looking to get some extra tips go check the videos you can either search how to win on quibids real tips or visit my channel


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