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This is a weird Free open source techniques but to be honest this save me so much time (hopefully it will save some one else too) Managing computer labs are not easy but if you have right tools to manage then this job is very easy. So I recently imaged a new lab with 2007 office on it but one of the teacher called me last night and asked me if I can put 2003 on all of the computers. Now if I didn't have these tools I would just hold my head and jump off the roof lol just jk . Here is what I did to deploy office 03 with out going to the lab physically. FOR FULL HOW TO CLICK ON THIS TUTORIAL ( 25 MIN VIDEO ) Tools I used to accomplish this task. Intallrite ( snap shot software installed it ) Pugos server (already installed) Italc server (already installed) ( italc 2 for win 7 and italc for xp ) Tutorials on how to install italc on xp and win 7 Free Course ( help desk specialist and more help videos ) What else can I do with this software? I also took a snap of updates and deploy the same way (yes it works) I can change home page on all computers from using these software's (works) The combination fo these three open source software's are lethal (Test on xp only) But unfortunately two are out dated, purgos and intallrite ( I still use it no problems so far ) Note : I like purgos because I can do many things and run the command right after copying the source file but if can do the same ...


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