A demonstration of how open source image-to-text and text-to-speech software can be used to read from a book. There is a full write-up on my website: www.samhaskell.co.uk I have tested the book reader on Windows 7 so far, but all of the software I use is cross-platform. Software I used: Wget for Windows www.gnuwin32.sourceforge.net Download the Setup option, eg "wget-1.11.4-1-setup.exe" Run the setup to install Image Magick for Windows Download the self-installer, eg "ImageMagick-6.7.7-5-Q16-windows-dll.exe" www.imagemagick.org Run the setup to install Tesseract-OCR for Windows www.code.google.com Download the Windows installer, eg "tesseract-ocr-setup-3.01-1.exe" Run the setup to install Espeak for Windows www.espeak.sourceforge.net Download the zip compiled for Windows, eg "espeak-1.46.02-win.zip" Extract the zip eg C:Program Filesespeak Android IP Webcam play.google.com I use the following example script to tie it all together (I saved mine as "speak.bat"): @echo off call "C:Program FilesGnuWin32binwget.exe" {IP OF ANDROID WEBCAM SERVER} call "C:Program FilesImageMagick-6.7.7-Q16convert.exe" -density 150x150 -compress none photoaf.jpg photoaf.tiff call "C:Program FilesTesseract-OCRtesseract.exe" photoaf.tiff booktext -l eng call "C:Program FileseSpeakcommand_lineespeak.exe" -v en -f booktext.txt


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