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The best source of clean, hugely abundant free electricity, that is everywhere on the planet. Finally, a great riddle has been solved. Thanks to wonderful researchers like Nikola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, Lee Rogers, Stan Meyers, Andrija Puharch, Daniel Dingle, Floyd Sweet, Wilhelm Reich, Keely, Chris Hunter, Bob Boyce, Richard Clem, Viktor Grebennikov, Milkovic, Herman Anderson, Thomas Moray, Tom Bearden, Charles Pogue, Bendini, and The Creator. How to build a Tesla coil- www.sentex.net www.intelligencemission.com Tesla's Electric car- www.qsc.cc Proof that sparks move towards the Tesla coil, see the many photos and video on this page, very exciting- High voltage in acrylic- www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Tesla coil- www.youtube.com Don't try this- www.youtube.com Unlimited Free Energy- Lightning- www.youtube.com


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