THE SCHOOL OF MONTESSORI TEACHERS' TRAINING presents 15 days Montessori workshop with a new, reliable and comprehensive technology for Montessori teaching that effectively allows anyone to create the right conditions for the emergence of the child's true nature as discovered by Dr. Montessori. The Normalized Child with perfect inner guidance for its own self-directed development. The workshop will guide you through an experiential understanding of his technology, which consists of a set of precise techniques, protocols, safe words and lesson. Workshop participants receive study materials to prepare for a successful experience. Those who complete the entire workshop will receive a certificate of attendance, which is recognized by the Society of Montessori teacher education. Attending the workshop you will learn how to apply the Montessori technology to bring about magical moments with children. Here are some of the things you will learn at the workshop: Exercises of Practical Life: Activities in each of those areas have obvious practical benefits. Even more important are the skills such as order, concentration, coordination, and independence that practical life activities develop. Sensorial, This area focuses on the development of the five senses. Children learn to differentiate between sizes, colors, textures, weights, sounds, odors and tastes. Language: Language material guides children to learn the letter sounds, which finally blend together. Mathematics: Learn how to ...

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