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on the day of the christmas party, the junior batch of international montessori center held their very own version of bebot. together with the following contestants... contestant #1: JazrylL aka "Jasmine" as Katrina's pride. contestant #2: Nico aka "Janica" as Chieko and Diane's talent. contestant #3: James aka "Jamailla" as Aimi's masterpiece. contestant #4: FJ aka "Fionna" as Genica's gal. VIPs.. Ma'am Regina Fundano Ma'am Bay-Viz Caleon Mrs. Elizabeth Villamero Ms. Janina Marie Villamero And the presence of the reigning Bebot... Amorsolo Keyser aka "Amor". Hosted by: Ms. Katrina Ysabel Ortiguerra, witness the passion and determination of our beautiful contestants as they all battle for the title as the "Bebot of 2007". (introduction)

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