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Here is the list of quotations. Please make an estimate about how much this could cost... #1 Some teachers believe that they need to control how students learn and how students are tested. I negotiate with my students what they will learn, when they will learn it and how we will check that their learning. -- William Glasser #2 The children are now working as if the teacher did not exist. -- Maria Montessori #3 The Student is the Class. -- Abraham S. Fischler #4 Trust.. No Put- downs. Truth Active Listening. Personal Best. #5 Teaching is about bringing OUT what's inside people. -- Dennis Littky #6 Letʼs create people who can do new things, not simply repeat what other people have done. -- Jean Piaget #7 You want lesson plans? The lesson plan is in front of you. --Mario J. Llorente Leyva #8 I never let school get in the way of my education. -- Mark Twain #9 Until we find the childʼs passion, itʼs just school. When the student tells us what interests him, we can teach to that passion. -- Dennis Littky #10 Education is NOT the filling of a pail, ... it's the LIGHTING of a FIRE. #11 I am not a sage on the stage. ... I am a GUIDE on the SIDE,

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