August 7, 2012 - Big Physics panel discussion on cold fusion. Panel members include Moderator Dr. Robert Duncan (Vice Chancellor of Research, Professor of Physics, University of Missouri), Dr. Andrea Aparo - (Ansaldo Energia SpA), Dr. Akito Takahashi (Osaka University), Frank Gordon (Co-chair International Conference on Cold Fusion, US Navy SPAWAR Systems Center), Dr. Michael McKubre (SRI International), Others in the audience speak, including National Instruments President and CEO Dr. James Truchard, Peter Hagelstein and Francesco Celani.


From National Instruments NIWEEK 2012 description of the panel discussion:

The Quest for Alternative Energy—Anomalous Heat Effect (a.k.a. Cold Fusion)

Several labs around the world are trying to replicate the phenomenon known as "cold fusion." While the term has evoked controversy, many research facilities have observed over 200 instances of intense heat. This demonstrates either an unknown physical event or a need for better measurement and control tools. In both cases, NI can provide the tools to accelerate innovation and scientific discovery. The Big Physics and Science Summit brings together experts to discuss these anomalous heat effects, the status of theoretical research, experimental results, and the prospect of commercializing this technology for daily energy needs.

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