Cold Fusion Energy Conspiracy 4

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Doctor Whodini's guest this week goes by the codename, "Alien Scientist."
The Alien Scientist is a man named Jeremy (approx 30) He prefers to have his last name/identity withheld due to the sensitive nature of his work and how that might affect his career goals as a young aspiring scientist and student of Physics. About 3-4 years ago Jeremy read "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper and became interested in the UFO/Alien phenomenon for scientific purposes. This lead him into researching other conspiracies, such as 9/11. After reviewing much of the available information found online and finding a lack of strong scientific arguments and evidence, he decided to start making and posting his own videos in an attempt to battle the disinformation and counter-intelligence out there using the only proven method for finding the real truth: The Scientific Method.

Italian Cold Fusion Announcement:

"Black Op" Hit Pieces by Popular Science and Discover Newson Cold Fusion:
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Kiril Chukanov QFE Website:

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