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A major theoretical break-through has occurred since this video was posted. It is based on papers and life work published by electrical engineer Frank Znidarsic. Through his 25 year study into Cold Fusion and Gravitational anomalies, he witnessed the NASA replication of the Podkletnov effect at Marshall Space Center's Advanced Concepts Office, and noticed a velocity which had also appeared in Cold Fusion experiments. This velocity can be used to yield Planck's constant and the reformulations yield special relativity as a consequence instead of a basis. For the first time in History Quantum Mechanics has been unified with Relativity... STAY TUNED!!! and visit Frank Z's website:

NASA's Gravity Probe B recently measured the gravitomagnetic field of the Earth as it rotates around the sun. With Maxwell's Field Equations so begin many attempts to unify the theories of Electromagnetism and Gravity... A Unified Field Theory will provide the correct analog and allow us to then build technology with which to control Gravity.

In science we start with experimental evidence, which brings us to a superconductor laboratory in Finland 1992 where Dr. Eugene Podkletnov and colleagues discovers an anomalous gravitational effect in rotating superconductors. This effect has since been replicated by NASA, ESA (European Space Agency), and others...

Here is the initial paper by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov and Giovanni Modanese:

Confirmation by ESA (European Space Agency)

And NASA's Advanced Concepts Office
(Link to an article, but my friend Frank Znidarsic went to Marshall to witness the experiments first hand and has pictures)

Here is Modanese's most recent paper:

Boeing Aerospace has even shown interest in this antigravity effect:

These are for references:–Einstein_condensate

Physics Papers, Peer Review Journals and other publications

Podkletnov Paper:
Here is the video with Jonathan Weygant he starts talking about 6 minutes into the film:

Magnetic Mercury

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