From the CISR video library ( David A. Fisher, Software Engineering Institute (CMU) Survivability and Security in Unbounded Networks March 18, 1999 at the Naval Postgraduate School (http ABSTRACT Traditional security approaches were not designed to deal with the problems of mission survivability and critical infrastructure assurance for highly distributed systems operating in unbounded networks, such as the Internet. This presentation discusses the importance of survivability, defines unbounded network, differentiates survivability from other software quality attributes, and contrasts the methods of survivability with those of security. Emergent algorithms are introduced as an approach to survivability that is philosophically and methodologically different from traditional methods. A new simulation language and tool for visualization and validation of emergent algorithms, survivability and security architectures, agent based computations, and other highly distributed computations in unbounded networks, will be briefly described. About David Fisher Software Engineering Institute (CMU) David A. Fisher is a Senior Member of the Research Staff of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). He currently leads a research effort focused on new methods for survivability and security in unbounded networks and their application to critical infrastructure assurance. From 1973-75, as a Program Manager at the Advanced Technology Program ...


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