Sporchi da morire - Filthy to the core

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anteprima video del film documentario sporchi da morire sul tema degli inceneritori, i pericoli per la salute e le possibili alternative sostenibili legate al riciclo dei rifiuti. regia di marco carlucci The film -- with its heavily evocative title, Filthy to the Core --takes its inspiration from several questions: is it true incinerators are harmful? Why do they continue to construct these incineration plants in Italy, while the rest of the world is dismantling them? What are the exact health risks? What are the damages caused by nano-particles emitted from the incinerators? What are the possible alternatives? With these demands in mind Carlo Martigli, writer and journalist who has always been engaged in burning investigations, begins his research. The film documents his internet researches which suddenly become all too real: interviews, film clips, exclusive coverage around the world from Italy to the US, France, England and Austria. film by marco carlucci


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