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Here is a topic that does not receive too much in-depth attention, incinerators / garbage disposals. There's a couple basic types of lava-based garbage disposals. Most, however, are completely inappropriate for public areas of the server. They feature open lava that can either be walked into by accident, or released for griefing. They're also ugly and bulky. The open pit type also features the block bounce-back problem. Here is my design for a garbage disposal that is both compact and safe, and relatively grief-proof. It uses a stream of water on the surface to quickly wash the blocks down to the pool of lava underground, preventing bounceback and griefing while also ensuring player safety. It also is compact and relatively attractive, and can also be employed in homes and mines without worrying about it setting anything on fire. This is a private invite-only Minecraft builder server with a number of highly-skilled players. We use Bukkit with Minecart Mania, WorldGuard, MoveCraft, and a number of other mods. Monsters are normally disabled except for weekly monster events. If you would like to play here, please PM me. You MUST have produced at least 1 constructive Minecraft video first, however. I'm sorry, but we'd prefer to not deal with griefers.


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