The Power of Waves & Resonance

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Edward Leedskalnin had a flywheel with magnetic coils on the inside, he would attach the apparatus to a massive granite block which is mostly quartz. When the coil gets going it produces piezo-electric resonance inducing diamagnetism and levitation. However it only works in places on Earth that have a strong natural Earth Gravity field, such as Coral Castle.

The Hutchinson Effect is the new age Philidelphia Experiment. This is how Edward Leedskalnin lifted the 15 ton stones to built his coral castle. I explain the science behind how and why this effect happens. I also talk about Tesla's Earthquake machine and explain how to exploit the wave-particle duality of objects to move them more easily.
Any time you run current through a wire it produces a magnetic field...
If you run alternating current through wire it produces an alternating magnetic field.

A tesla coil is an arrangement of loops or coils of wire specifically designed to capacitate and permeate strong electromagnetic fields.

As long as you tune the frequency of the Alternating Current to the wavelengths of the atoms you can get them to resonate.

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