Nikola Tesla death ray becomes an evil earthquake and mind control machine called HAARP which many believe has caused the 7.0 earthquake in Haiti that has killed over 250,000 men, woman and children. The United States military has since sent over 15,000 well armed troops that have been hindering efforts by other countries that actually want to provide food and aid. People are starving and falling sick while the United States military secure Haiti for their own military agenda.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that the country I was born and raised would turn out to be the lunch pad for Armageddon. America has truly been high jacked by the devil himself and I say to world... there are still good human beings left in America. Do not judge us or hate us based on the wicked deeds of the demons that have high jacked our government and brainwashed the American people. May god protect and keep you all in this life or the next.

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