Evolution Clarification (mirror)

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This mirrored video is a follow up in regard to a video by YouTube User, khanacademy titled, "Intelligent Design and Evolution"

On Khan Academy's Web Site, this video is titled, "Evolution Clarification: Clarifying some points on evolution and intelligent design." The khanacademy YouTube account has the same video titled, "Evolution Clarification." I give the video the same title but include the term "(mirror)" so that vistors will know it is a mirror.

Anyone wanting to comment I would rather him (or her) visit the original video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nh1R-gyY7es

I sent YouTube User, khanacademy the following message and look forward with exuberant anticipation to the possibility of seeing my suggestion realized.

"Of all the things I learned in school that was probably one of the most important, it was taught to me by my young, radical, and pretty high-school English teacher. She taught me to recolonize baloney in advertising and newspapers (or any media). She was the first to teach me some critical thinking skills. The typical American is not respected in many parts of the world because he (or she) is sadly lacking in such skills. Therefore, why don't you add such curriculum to what is currently being taught? You could start off by teaching Carl Sagan's Baloney Detection Kit and maybe a bit about conformational bias and let the videos evolve from that starting point."

Salman Khan evidently has assistants because in his mission statement the words "our" and "we" are used.


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