This Is What Climate Change Feels Like

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Hank brings you the SciShow news of the week. Recent record high temperatures and other extreme weather events around the world are climate change in action; a new fossil of an ancient human ancestor; some disturbing discoveries about so-called "bog bodies;" and a correction of an error we made about the Kelvin scale in our episode about absolute zero. Like SciShow on Facebook: Follow SciShow on Twitter: CITATIONS scishow, science, news, climate change, NCDC, global warming, heat wave, temperature, record-breaking, weather, climate, kevin trenberth, greenhouse gas, summer, extreme weather, human, skeleton, evolution, CT scan, south africa, johannesburg, australopithecus sediba, missing link, family tree, anthropology, fossil, bog body, mummy, mummified, europe, peat bog, archaeology, iron age, scotland, clan, ancestry, lineage, correction, kelvin, temperature, absolute zero, degree, celsius, fahrenheit, arbitrary


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