read the discriptipn carefuly and download all the softwares bs completing short survays, put any fake info in survays and get all the softwares for free, and start using jaf on ur computer download jaf setup 1.98.62 from the link below and then run the setup on ur computer jaf_1.98.62_setup.exe then attach the jaf box to ur computer and also attach attach pkey download the software for red and green pkey from the link below driver for red and green and then downlod jaf usb driver from the link below and install on ur computer jaf usb driver get flash files for all the models of nokia mobiles from the link below and then watch video to get help how to flash bb5 models if u dont have pkey then downlod ogm pkey emulator from the link below OGM_JAF_PKEY_Emulator_v5.exe and then run ogm software ... then no need to attach the pkey, download the jaf suit setup from the link below JAF_Suite_Setup_1.1.1.exe see the manual for more help and download the jaf manual from the link below JAF-RPL-manual_english.pdf


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