53- On Polymyositis and Dermatomyositis?

Polymyositis, as well as dermatomyositis and rheumatoid arthritis are autoimmune diseases. In every disease with an autoimmune origin i.e., its origin is a corruption of the Immune System that attacks its own body as if it were a foreign body - the use of auto-hemotherapy is valid. Because, firstly, if the application of blood is diffused in several places (better still) it diverts the immunological attack towards the blood, thus reducing the pressure of the attack on the tissues that are being attacked.

I had an experience with a dermatomyositis patient, but I have had no polymyositis cases yet, however it works in the same way. This reason is because it will first cause a diversion. The second reason why it works in autoimmune diseases is because the blood reaches practically each cubic millimetre of our body, except the hair on the head and body. Each square centimetre of the skin and each square centimetre of any organ always contain blood. The bones have less, but there is blood in the bone marrow.

As the blood is everywhere, and as these autoimmune diseases are an inversion of the immune function, when the Immune System is diverted, firstly it reduces the pressure of the aggression.

Secondly - and this is very important, but I cannot prove it, because only laboratory research can do it - because the blood contains the same elements the Immune System is attacking, whichever auto-immune disease it is, it will create a kind of perplexity. It will create a doubt, saying: Why am I attacking myself, if this blood contains the same elements I am attacking? Then the Immune System looks to see what is its own and what it is not. It means that the Immune System was attacking the body as if it were a foreign body, and it will end up recognising these areas as its own, through the elements of the blood, which are identical to those of the attacked areas.

But I cannot prove this. That is just an intelligence exercise to try to explain the reason for the cure of autoimmune diseases, permanent cures. The improvement can be very well explained: the aggression is diverted towards the blood applied into the muscle and naturally it reduces the aggression in those places where the Immune System is attacking. That is one part, but the other, that of the cure, the only explanation is the induction of what is called immune tolerance. This is what happens in allergies, where I have had excellent results. Allergies are an immune intolerance against substances that attack and end up affecting its own organism. Auto-hemotherapy is an excellent therapeutic resource for such cases.

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