Mercury Destroys Neurons

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Mercury is a heavy metal that has been found in 100% of the population and is known to play a role in causing autoimmune disease and cancer.

Mercury exposure comes from three major sources: fish consumption, dental amalgams, and vaccines. Mercury is also found in air pollution, batteries, cosmetics, dental amalgams, diuretics, electric switches and delays, explosives, fluorescent lights, fresh water fish, fungicides, grains, insecticides, mining, paints, pesticides, petroleum products, saltwater fish, shellfish, tap water and vaccines.

Target Tissues: Brain, cell membranes, kidneys, central and peripheral nervous system.

Protecting your health by decreasing exposure to mercury is very important. Unfortunately in the modern world we are exposed to small doses of mercury every day. Testing can be performed by your doctor to evaluate both acute exposure and chronic exposures to mercury, as well as other heavy metals. For more information visit our website and read up on heavy metals and chelation.

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