www.control4.com - We're here in Silicon Valley, home to countless Hi-Tech inventions, so it's no surprise that we found a house here that is so cutting edge, so environmentally friendly that some people are calling it, "The World's Greenest Home"... and wouldn't you know it, a Control4 system keeps the whole house humming. Check it out! Linda Yates (Home Owner) - "This is actually the property that I grew up on. My parents bought the property in 1967 so we've been here ever since. We said, 'we really want to build the most sustainable, the most regenerative house in America.' So it's really just four basic materials... it's glass, it's steel, it's wood and it's stone. On the floor, 150-year-old barn wood... stone that wasn't actually good enough for somebody else but our guys were so into it that they went and took it out of the bone pile. The whole design of the house with all the roofs and the steel roof is to be able to catch all the rainwater and storm water and then reuse it. We're putting more green energy back on the grid than we are using. It's definitely the greenest custom home in America." "There's 3 myths we were trying to bust with green building: 1. Was that it was ugly... you had to build a concrete box with no windows. 2. That it was twice as expensive. 3. That you had to completely fundamentally change your lifestyle." ... and those are myths that we have to bust. The technology plays a big role in being able to do that." Gordon van Zuidon (cyberManor ...

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