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Hi I am promoting a Sustainable dwelling project called ALMA. The building encourages a community that benefits from common dwellings in a city, with daily contact to the climate, the ground and nature. The model focuses on existing principles and their combination into a new formulation. It is based on three foundations: The individual and the community, the economy and the world we live in. 1. The structure encourages community life and enables the dwellers a high quality of life. 2. The costs of construction in this model are almost identical to those in ordinary building (at the same level) and the maintenance costs are much lower. 3. The building aspires to attain zero influence on the environment and be cut off from the grid. The model works in harmony with the forces of physics, the market and the local climate. There is a real need for a complete view of the architectural product and its reciprocal influences with the environment and in flexible planning that enables changes during the life of the structure. The model constitutes a flexible basis of ideas that in addition to being linked to its environment knows how to combine and assimilate different systems to exploit Sustainable energies, storage and treatment of precipitation, etc. fully and extract the maximum from them. "Dwellings in Alma" means homes in the world and just an ordinary way of life, simple, economic and applicable. "Sustainable" building is not an architectural style, but a view of the world ...

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