Some words from the director of the film: Jacques ALLARD for Architects for a better World After careful and thorough research, we asked 13 world-acclaimed architects to participate in this film. 12 said yes, immediately. We could feel that those architects were eagerly waiting to speak out for the first time on sustainable issues. As we strongly believe it is important to let the images and the architects speak for themselves.....and let the general public make their own interpretation, this movie does not have a voice-over or an animator being 40% of the time on screen. This movie respects 100% the ideas and solutions expressed by the interviewed architects. Some architects came up with very sophisticated solutions while other architects used very simple solutions. Some architects with very large budgets, others with very limited budgets. The movie has been made in 3 versions: two versions for the general public, 73 minutes and 53 minutes and a third version of 78 minutes with more technical specifications for students in architecture, architects and engineers. As most viewers on the 12th of October's preview in Hasselt are not students in architecture or building professionals, we have chosen to feature the film with less technical specifications. This version of the film invites people to understand the meaning of sustainable architecture, showing many practical solutions that go beyond energy saving issues such as low energy and passive housing but city planning ...

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